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Educational Alnico V Bar Magnet with North South Identified
  • Educational Alnico V Bar Magnet with North South Identified
  • Educational Alnico V Bar Magnet with North South Identified
  • Educational Alnico V Bar Magnet with North South Identified

Educational Alnico V Bar Magnet with North South Identified

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About AlNiCo Magnet
Sintered AlNiCo magnets are manufactured by powder metallurgy technology which similar with other sintered magnets. Its overall magnetic performance is slightly low than cast AlNiCo magnets, thus not commonly used like the latter. Sintered AlNiCo magnets are well adapted for small-sized, thin, light, and complex shaped magnets. Beside high dimensional accuracy and tight tolerance. It also has superior mechanical strength and machinability. Viewing from the production, sintered AlNiCo magnets have higher utilization ratio of material, lower composition segregation and magnetic performance fluctuation compared to the cast AlNiCo magnets.

Alnico magnet is mainly composed of aluminum, nickel, cobalt, copper, iron and other trace metal elements. Its main features are high remanence and high temperature resistance.The shape and size are various, including square, circle, circle, round bar, horseshoe and suction parts.

The Alnico casting magnet can be divided into vacuum casting magnet and simple one. For simple Alnico casting magnet, the manufacturer will use resin-coated sand as raw material of mold. The molding process is relied on core shooting machine. Customer need to bear tooling cost when there’s no suitable mold. For vacuum casting magnet, the mold is made by hand. The operators fill bauxite into the tooling, and then put it in furnace.

The melting process need to ensure raw material completely melted. The melting and pouring process of simple Alnico casting magnet are done in the air. The facility requests for vacuum Alnico casting magnet are relative high. The directional crystallization device is very important for the manufacture of desirable structural morphology and high properties casting Alnico magnets.

Educational magnet are widely used in teaching and playing. Cast AlNiCo will be used in the Educational magnets, due to lower cost and good property. Many shapes, sizes and colors are available for clients' choice.
Alnico magnets include metal keeper to help retain magnetic power.

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