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Radial Ring Magnets


Radial Magnetization Ring Magnet
Steadable and High Quality
Reasonble Price
Radial Magnetization ring magnet is developed successfully based on the study of Sintered NdFeB rare earth permanent magnets in many years , and meets different requirements of permanent magnet servo motor, it is using the shaping method by new multipole radiation orientation, on the hypoxic conditions, it is through the research the compositions of NdFeB materials adapt raidal ring, as well as the phase structure, orientation forming, sintering and heat treatment process and the study of magnetizing method.

Radial ring magnets

The process of anisotropic radial magnetization ring magnet is stablility through batch testing, and suitable for industrial scale production, this innovative products achieve the same products abroad advanced level. The products of this project can be widely used in all kinds of permanent magnet servo motor, step motor, tachogenerators, have the remarkable economic and social benefits.

Radial ring magnets

Type: Permanent Composite: Rare Earth Magnet Shape: Ring (ndfeb ring magnets)
Application: Moto Magnet (magnets for motor)Density: 7.6 g/cm3 Vicker Hardness: 600 HV
Modulus of Elasticity: 150 Kn/mm2 Compressive Strength: 1000 N/mm2 Tensile Strength: 78 N/mm2
Flexural Strength: 245 N/mm2

Radial ring magnets


The radial magnetization increases the ring's magnetic force, thus creating the strongest NdFeb ring magnet available for industrial and commercial use.

Radial magnets

This momentous development is revolutionizing the magnet market, offering an innovative solution to a well-known need.

The advantages of radial sintered magnets are significant:

  • Rings measure up to 150mm in diameter.
  • Radial sintering assures no weak spots.
  • Magnets are multi-poled - ring does not compromise the magnetic properties.
  • Magnetizing radially makes for a super strong magnet.

AOMag stands at the frontline of this development, integrating it in new applications and enhancing performance.

Magnet force line distribution of normal orientation: Magnet force line distribution of radial orientation:


Radial ring magnets


Radial ring magnets

Any Magnetization Direction:
Any Magnetization Direction


NdFeB based sintered radially oriented ring and segment magnets are more available now:

Magnets Real Magnetic texture Magnetic Configuration
• Actuators
• Magnetic bearings
• Magnetic clutch
• Peripheral motors
• Spindle motors
• Steering control motors
• Stepper motors
• Other new products

• Precision of geometry
• Variety of magnetic configuration
• Homogeneous distribution of magnetic field
• Design and assembly simplification
• Precision of motor performances
• Cost efficiency
• Huge marketing potential

Sizes and shapes of magnets can be customized:
• Maximum outside diameter is 150 mm
• Minimum inside diameter is 10 mm
• Maximum wall thickness is 7 mm
• Minimum wall thickness is 2 mm
• Maximum length is 50mm (for small thickness – 15)
• Tolerances: mostly +/- 0.05 mm

Surface treatment:
These magnets can be covered by any available coatings,
like usual two-pole magnets (NiCuNi, Ni, Zn, epoxy etc.)


Radial ring magnets



Radial ring magnets


Radial ring magnets


Radial ring magnets



Radial ring magnets


Radial ring magnets


radial ring magnets features:

1, Radial maximum energy product can reach 240 ~ 400kJ/m3 high magnetic.
2, It can be manufactured to facilitate bonding, the long dimension of the annular magnet assembly.
3, you can easily change the number of poles and the magnetic declination simply by the change of the magnetic coil.
4, Inner and outer circumferences monopole with magnetic as you required.
5, Rectangular wave, trapezoidal wave, sin function with magnetic waves. (Function waveform, please contact us)
6 trails, thin-walled, long size (for example: the outer diameter of 5mm wall thickness of 0.5mm, length 80mm) contributes to the miniaturization of the motor.

radial ring magnets range of applications:
Up until recently, full magnetic rings (FMR) made of separate magnets conjoined together to create the desired ring shape, were the only solution for applications requiring circular-shaped multi-pole magnets.Now, a new technology powered by AOMag has enabled for the creation of a super strong, durable single-cast radially magnetized ring magnet.radiation ring magnet use for automotive electric power steering system, quiet, smooth sense of control, and easier to install.
AC servo motor, DC motor can achieve a quiet and smooth operation of this feature, it is also used for the precision operation of the robot is required.

We are manufacturer and supplier of Radial Ring Magnets from 1996. We supply OEM service of Radial Ring Magnets for you. We would manufacture Radial Ring Magnets following your specific requirement. So far we have produced mould as below:

D21*d15*15mm (In stock)
D26*d20*14mm (In stock)
D30*d24*18mm (In stock)

D32*d24*17mm (In Stock)
D32*d26*12mm (In Stock)
D35*d28*22mm(In stock)
D35*d30*17mm(In stock)
D35*d32*17mm(In stock)
D32*d25*20mm(In stock)

D35*d27*21.5mm(In stock)
D35*d30*17mm(In stock)
D36*d28*10mm(In stock)
D40*d24*22.5mm(In stock)

D42*d34*21mm(In stock)
D43.9*d36.47*30.48mm(In stock)

D52.8*d40*8mm (In Stock)
D55*d45*17.5mm (In Stock)
D58*d50*20mm (In Stock)
D60*d55*30mm (In Stock)

D70*d62*20mm (In stock)
D70*d58*8mm (In stock)
D70*d58*30mm (In stock)
D100*d80*50mm (In stock)

D130*d110*50mm (In stock)

How to order magnets?
Please confirm the following details before you order so that we can cooperate with you more effectively, thank you!
1. What's the material and performance?
2. What's the size and the tolerance?
3. Does it need magnetization? if need , which one (Axial , Diametrically or Radial ?)
4. What's the highest work temperature?
5. What's the quantity?
6. What's the coating? Zinc or Nickel coated?
7. If you need special management, Kindly contact us for more information >>.

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