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Demagnetization Curves

One of the main features of AOAMG's magnets is excellent temperature resistance. Even working continuously for a long time at high temperature, magnetic performance of our magnets be kept stably. Below are the demagnetization curves at various temperatures for our motor magnets.Demagnetization means that the magnetism of a magnet is reduced or completely disappeared.Neodymium magnet never demagnetizes under normal circumstances, so it is called permanent magnet. However, permanent magnets will also demagnetize under certain conditions. First, it needs to be demagnetized artificially; Second, the external environment demagnetizes it.

The characteristics of demagnetization curve depend on the material characteristics of permanent magnet, magnetic field strength and demagnetization mode. And there are many demagnetization curves of permanent magnets, which can be obtained by experiment or simulation calculation. It provides a reference and prediction for the demagnetization behavior of permanent magnets in practical application.

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