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Magnetic Orientation

What is magnetic orientation? AOMAG Magnetics will tell you about it.
Magnetic materials are divided into two categories: isotropic and anisotropic magnets.
·Isotropic magnets have the same magnetic properties in any direction and can be drawn together at will.
·Anisotropic magnets have different magnetic properties in different directions, and the direction in which it can obtain the best magnetic properties is called the orientation of the magnet.

A magnet can be magnetized in a variety of directions. The diagrams below depict various magnetic orientations available during the manufacture of magnets. These orientations may be available in isotropic and some anisotropic materials.

Permanent Magnet Magnetic Orientation

Above is the introduction of magnetic orientation.AOMAG Magnetics can customize different shapes of magnet products according to the requirements provided by customers, welcome to inquire.

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