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Magnetic Assemblies

AOMAG offers standardized magnetic assemblies (also known as magnetic componenets) supported with custom solutions to fit your unique lifting,workholding needs, and a wide variety of applications, including traveling wave tubes, motors & generators, and inertial devices. Magnetic Assemblies are a high strength and low cost option for a huge variety of applications. The assemblies are usually produced with a magnet set into other non-magnetic material. The most common types are round base magnets or cup magnets, and channel magnets. They are made this way to channel and increase the magnetic force in a particular direction. A magnetic assembly device provides high strength at low cost. They are ideal for a variety of applications, from secure latches to quick, interchangeable positioning of signs, displays, and fixtures.

Product lines of Magnetic assemblies include everything from simple assemblies to tight tolerance assemblies consisting of many dozens of components and employing Recoma samarium cobalt, neodymium, alnico and ceramic (hard ferrite) magnets. Examples of some of the products manufactured by AOMAG follows:

  • Magnetic Chucks
  • Magnetic Welding Holder
  • Round Base Magnets
  • Magnetic Sweepers
  • Magnetic Name Badge Fasteners
  • Magnetic Clips
  • Powerful Magnetic Tool Holder
  • Pot magnets or other shapes for holding
  • Permanent Magnetic Filter
  • Permanent Magnetic Lifter
  • Rotors which may include sleeves (inconel, stainless steel, composite)
  • Dynamically balanced Rotors
  • Eddy current rolls which may include Kevlar or fiberglass wraps
  • Pump couplings (inner and outer magnet assemblies)
  • Reprographic rolls for toner based copier systems
  • Latch assemblies
  • Voice-coil assemblies
  • Beam focusing assemblies such as wigglers and undulators
  • NMR assemblies

Why Choose AOMAG for Magnetic Assembly and Devices?
AOMAG Magnetic Products has been designing and manufacturing magnetic assemblies, tools and devices since 1996. We have been engaged in manufacturing magnetic assembly for over 15 years, and have the capacity to design the assembly tools that match different products. Our business scope involves magnetic chuck, magnetic assembly and magnetic rotor assembly, as well as the dynamic balance test for servo motor magnetic rotor. We support some very recognizable names in the manufacture of retail consumer products using magnets.

Now we have assembly-manufacturing facilities in China to support the high demand for this low cost, high strength, versatile product line. We keep hundreds of thousands of standard magnetic assembly devices in stock. We can create Customized Motor Assembly in just about any shape or size. In addition, we adapt to customers' application needs. We offer market leading experience and knowledge in the process from customer concept to production. We will discuss with clients about assembly methods, manufacture plan and production flow. Then production will be conducted on the basis of the agreement.

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AOMAG Magnetics is a professional manufacturer and exporter of permanent magnet (NdFeB, Alnico, Smco & Ferrite) and Magnetic Assemblies in China since 1996. AOMAG Magnetics, the leading magnet brand in China. Our annual production capacity is 8000 tons. We own a complete production chain and perfect quality assurance system. We are an IATF 16949:2016, ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018 certified company. 
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