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The magnetic properties of permanent magnets in aerospace permanent magnet motors directly affect the efficiency, safety and reliability of permanent magnet motors. Therefore, AOMAG can supply high-quality and good cost performance permanent magnets to meet the needs of customers. We view quality as company's life. So we will not use bad material to cheat customers.

Rare earth permanent magnet motors (REPM) are mainly used in aircraft for various electric actuation systems. The electric actuation system is a driving system with a motor as its actuator. It is widely used in the flight control system, environmental control system, braking system, fuel and starting system of aircraft. Because of the excellent magnetic properties of rare earth permanent magnets, a strong permanent magnetic field can be established without additional energy after magnetization.

The rare earth permanent magnet motor made by replacing the electric field of the traditional motor is not only efficient, but also simple in structure, reliable in operation, small in size and light in weight. It can not only achieve the high performance (such as super high efficiency, super high speed, super high response speed) that traditional electric excitation motors cannot match but also make special motors which can meet the specific operational requirements, such as elevator traction motor, automobile special motor, etc. There are four kinds of actuation systems used in the aircraft: hydraulic, electric, pneumatic and mechanical. The hydraulic actuation system is the most widely used one, but the most promising one is the electric actuation system. With the development of permanent magnets, high power semiconductors and microprocessors, electric actuation systems have developed to compete with hydraulic actuation systems. Aerospace needs plenty of high performance permanent magnets every year. Especially when technology developed, the huge needs of magnetic assembly from commercial air plane to military satellite.

AOMAG provides quality management systems and critical designed magnetic assemblies.  


1.    Sensor

2.    Actuator

3.    Instrumentation

4.    Switchs

Permanent Magnets for Aerospace

In a word, magnets have many applications in the aerospace field, including electric actuators, electromagnetic valves, magnetic sensors, magnetic gyroscopes and magnetic levitation technology. These applications can provide accurate control, measurement and positioning functions, and play an important role in the performance and function of aerospace vehicles.

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AOMAG Magnetics is a professional manufacturer and exporter of permanent magnet (NdFeB, Alnico, Smco & Ferrite) and Magnetic Assemblies in China since 1996. AOMAG Magnetics, the leading magnet brand in China. Our annual production capacity is 8000 tons. We own a complete production chain and perfect quality assurance system. We are an IATF 16949:2016, ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018 certified company. 
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