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The R&D team of AOMAG magnetic materials is mainly composed of 28 senior magnetic materials experts and well-known magnetic materials experts from China Electronics Technology Group in Nanjing. We are committed to building a large-scale high-performance multi-pole magnetic ring production base covering a variety of materials and complete specifications.

AOMAG specializes in the production of extreme heterotropic sintered ferrite multipole magnetic ring, extreme heterotropic sintered NdFeb multipole magnetic ring, hot extruded NdFeb multipole magnetic ring, which ferrite surface magnetic properties can reach 1800GS~2200GS, Ndfeb up to 4000~6000GS, while providing customers with other kinds of multipole magnetic ring products; The product has precise size, stable performance and excellent quality, and is widely used in the new generation of permanent magnet motors such as brushless DC motor and precision servo motor.

Magnetic R&D is our expertise. AOMAG’s engineering operates as part of our customers’ R&D team, simple as that. Our experience, knowledge, and know-how are our greatest added value to our customers. When designing an application that uses magnets or electromagnets – we can help your company.

Magnetic design and magnetic consulting are niche and require special tools and knowledge. AOMAG will give you R&D support during the whole R&D stage. We will happily give your company consulting, design, and analysis services and supply you with magnets for your prototypes. Our goal is to make your product work perfectly as we design it to your specific requirements.

AOMAG team can help you with basic magnets design and magnetic consulting. Our design tools include magnetic field mapping, FEA, and more. We can introduce your engineering team to new design options. Our team is familiar with all the new magnetic innovations. Our team was involved in many projects regarding magnets, many types of applications, and different industries. Because of that fact, we are capable of delivering a lot of good ideas to your engineering team. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any design questions you might have.

We jointly established " Engineering Technology Center of PM Motor Magnet" with Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, which is also the Ningbo workstation of Functional Materials Research Institute of Central Iron & Steel Research Institute, providing customers with strong technical support for PM motors and generators. Our R&D team has been focusing on needs of customers, constantly improve formula and producing process. We took the lead in using Grain Boundary Diffusion process for mass production, to provide customers with the best cost-effective solutions.

  • Weightlessness test box

    Weightlessness test box

  • Hot and cold shock test box

    Hot and cold shock test box

  • Salt Spray Test Chamber

    Salt Spray Test Chamber

  • SEM


  • Electronic universal tester

    Electronic universal tester

  • MPS Permagraph

    MPS Permagraph

  • ICP


  • 3D Flux Meter

    3D Flux Meter

  • Robot




Therefore, no matter the size of the problem, our R&D team will continue to improve and design methods to reduce the cost and improve the quality of production more smoothly. In the process of manufacturing, we continue to find and solve problems, and R&D is endless!

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AOMAG Magnetics is a professional manufacturer and exporter of permanent magnet (NdFeB, Alnico, Smco & Ferrite) and Magnetic Assemblies in China since 1996. AOMAG Magnetics, the leading magnet brand in China. Our annual production capacity is 8000 tons. We own a complete production chain and perfect quality assurance system. We are an IATF 16949:2016, ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018 certified company. 
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