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Wind Turbine Generators

Wind power generation is one of the important applications in neodymium magnet. At present, the global installed capacity of wind power has exceeded 200 million kWh. However, due to excessive expansion and the sharp increase of rare earth raw materials, the overcapacity of wind power generation equipment is 260%.

The working environment of wind turbines is very harsh. They must be able to withstand the test of high temperature, cold, sand, humidity and even salt fog. The design life of wind turbines is usually 20 years. At present, sintered NdFeB permanent magnets are used in small wind turbines and megawatt permanent magnet wind turbines. Therefore, it is very important to choose the magnetic parameters of neodymium permanent magnets and to require the corrosion resistance of magnets.

Magnets for win trubine

Wind energy as a renewable clean energy resource has got more and more attention in the world. Permanent magnet wind power generators have become the mainstream of new installed ones increasingly. Uses a unique dual-alloy method, control and auxiliary liquid alloy composition so that it can be a good infiltration 2:14: a phase particles, auxiliary liquid alloy in 2:14: one phase is formed around a relatively uniform grain-rich phase thin layer to reach the purpose of increasing the coercivity.

Wind turbines play an important role in sustainable development. By using the principle of permanent magnet and electromagnetic induction, wind turbines can convert wind energy into electric energy and provide clean and reliable electricity for human society.

AOMAG Magnetics is famous for its excellent R&D team and leading technical equipment. We focus on the research and application of permanent magnets and provide innovative permanent magnet solutions for wind turbines. By using high-performance permanent magnet materials, the high-efficiency rotation of the rotor is realized, and the power generation efficiency of the wind turbine is greatly improved.

We have extensive industry experience and rich technical expertise, and can tailor the solution that best suits your needs. Whether you are building a wind farm or need to introduce clean energy to your city or enterprise, AOMAG Magnetics will provide you with excellent products and services.

Contact our professional team to learn more about the application of permanent magnets in wind turbines and our latest innovative technology!

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