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Magnetic Coating

Almost every neodymium magnet is plated or coated, and as the most powerful permanent magnet, they are used in many different applications. However, they have physical properties and need to be plated or coated to protect them from damage. The following table shows the test data of different coatings.

Type Salt Spray Testing PCT Testing Thickness
‎Blue white zinc trivalent chromium Blue ZN3+ 24~48hours   5~8um
‎Color zinc trivalent chromium
Color ZN 3+
72hours   5~8um
Color zinc trivalent chromium
Color ZN 6+
96hours   5~8um
White zinc 1~2hours   5~8um
Normal roll coating
(Ni,NiCuNi,Black Ni,Cr,Au,Sliver)
24~48hours 24~48hours 12~20um
Increase roll coating
(Ni,NiCuNi,Black Ni,Cr,Au,Sliver)
72~96hours 72~96hours 15~25um
Normal hang coating
(Ni,NiCuNi,Black Ni,Cr,Au,Sliver)
12~18hours 24~36hours 20~30um
Increase hang coating
(Ni,NiCuNi,Black Ni,Cr,Au,Sliver)
24~36hours 48~72hours 25~40um
Roll coating(Ni+Sn) 48~72hours 48~72hours 15~25um
Hang coating(Ni+Sn) 24~48hours 24~48hours 23~33um
EPOXY 72~120hours   10~20um
NI+EPOXY 96~150hours 72~120hours 20~40um
ZN+EPOXY 96~150hours   15~25um
  • Au CoatingBlack Ni Coaitng
  • Silver CoatingPhosphating Coating
  • Black Ni CoaitngAu Coating
  • Phosphating CoatingBlack Epoxy Coating
  • Black Epoxy CoatingBlue and White Zn Coating
  • Cr CoatingCr Coating
  • Colour Zn CoatingSilver Coating
  • Blue and White Zn CoatingColour Zn Coating

Neodymium magnets have many coatings to choose from to prevent damage and corrosion. Include nickel, copper, chromium, gold, black zinc and epoxy resin,etc. The coating on the magnet is very thin, so it has little effect on the magnetic properties of the magnet itself.

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