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Medical devices

Using specially designed magnetic medical devices or equipment, the magnetic suction force between permanent magnets is transformed into a working force that can perform specific functions in clinical diagnosis and treatment, which can realize functions including vascular anastomosis, tissue compression, instrument anchoring, surgical navigation, gap expansion, controllable tracing, etc., and has important application value in minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment of digestive, gynecological, breast and urinary system diseases.
Due to the special and complex medical working environment, these magnetic materials are often extremely difficult to process due to their tiny dimensions, complex shapes and the need for special types of coatings. aomag has an in-depth understanding of the special requirements of these precision magnets for medical applications, and has already achieved stable batch deliveries and can provide a full range of customized services, from consulting on the design and quick delivery of samples to mass production.

From accurate diagnosis and targeted drug delivery to minimally invasive procedures and therapeutic interventions, magnetic applications play a pivotal role in improving patient care and treatment outcomes.

medical equipment


Permanent Magnets are highly advantageous in medical equipment. For devices such as MRI machines and insulin pumps, magnets have been responsible for achieving groundbreaking advancements in technology that would otherwise be impossible. Magnets are also valuable due to factors such as providing improved sterility for equipment, as permanent magnets can be used to affix components together for ingress protection. When magnets are hidden between sealed plastic or non-magnetic metal walls, they are protected from exposing a seam or grooves that would otherwise be at risk of collecting dirt and biological debris. Certain magnetic materials, such as samarium cobalt, are an excellent choice for medical devices that are sterilized using an autoclave machine, as they are able to resist the high temperatures they are exposed to in the process.

medical equipment
medical equipment
medical equipment

In our design consultation process, we consider the exceptional need for sanitation and safety when providing magnetic products for the medical industry. Bunting’s world-class manufacturing facility includes an option for glove box clean air assembly and an end of line pass/fail test to ensure spotless products that promise to uphold your brand and reputation. Our magnet materials and assemblies meet your quality and precision standards while maintaining a competitive price. Bunting has a long history of providing magnet materials for high demanding applications including MRI machines, pacemakers, heart pumps, sleep apnea machines, and insulin pumps.

AOMAG Magnetics has experience in the design and supply of customized magnets for a wide range of medical device (instrument) applications including pacemakers, MRIs, heart pumps, sleep apnea machines, ventilators, etc. Please feel free to contact AOMAG for your needs.

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AOMAG Magnetics is a professional manufacturer and exporter of permanent magnet (NdFeB, Alnico, Smco & Ferrite) and Magnetic Assemblies in China since 1996. AOMAG Magnetics, the leading magnet brand in China. Our annual production capacity is 8000 tons. We own a complete production chain and perfect quality assurance system. We are an IATF 16949:2016, ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018 certified company. 
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