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Halbach array For MRI/NMR Machine Customise Tesla Requirement.
  • Halbach array For MRI/NMR Machine Customise Tesla Requirement.
  • Halbach array For MRI/NMR Machine Customise Tesla Requirement.
  • Halbach array For MRI/NMR Machine Customise Tesla Requirement.
  • Halbach array For MRI/NMR Machine Customise Tesla Requirement.

Halbach array For MRI/NMR Machine Customise Tesla Requirement.

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1.What is the Halbach Array
Halbach array is a kind of interesting arrangement of permanent magnet which invented by Klaus Halbach on 1979. The array was originally designed to help particle accelerators to focus beams on Lawrence Berkely National Laboratory. The magnetization direction of two adjacent magnets in the array differs on a certain angle, hence caused asymmetrical distribution of the magnetic field.

2. Applications of Halbach Array
The application includes:
Simple fixture and holding.
Rotors for DC motor, linear motor, servo motor, magnetic coupling and power generator.
Magnetic levitations.
High energy physics area, such as the particle accelerator, free-electron laser device, synchrotron radiation facility, and magnetic lens.

3. Halbach Cylinder Array for Magnetic Refrigeration System
The sustainable development of human society put forward higher requirements on the environmental protection and energy efficiency of traditional vapor compression refrigeration technology, therefore, develop new refrigeration technology is treated as one of the effective means. Room-temperature magnetic refrigeration is a kind of solid refrigeration technology which based on Magnetocaloric Effect, and promises to be the most promising refrigeration technology due to low noise, low vibration, zero global warming potential and ozone depletion potential.

4. Halbach Cylinder Array in Magnetic Refrigeration System
Halbach cylinder array can provide compact structure, static flow system and relatively high equivalent operating frequency to the magnet rotary type magnetic refrigeration system.
AOMAG has been collected some experience on two relevant projects this year, and help customer to solve magnetic field and toque force items on the halbach cylinder array.

5. Buyer's Guide
In order to quote you the best price quickly, please provide the following information:
1.Product size,grade,coating,etc.
2.Order quantity;
3.Attached the drawings if customized
4.Any special packing or other requirements

6. Factory
Our factory located in the Fuzhou. Our factory covers 10000 square meter, with employess 100 or more. We implement ISO 9000 idea in the factory over 7 years to keep steady quality level. We have over 19 years export experience so we can have good communication with customers and settle all kinds of export issues.
We have a complete industry chain. And we have our own raw material supply which decreased the procurement cost.

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