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Alnico Ring Magnets

AlNiCo Ring Magnets are comprised of aluminum, nickel, cobalt, and iron with varying additions of other elements. There are two different manufacturing processes for AlNiCo: Cast and sintered. Cast AlNiCo can be made into many sizes and shapes, whereas Sintered AlNiCo is usually restricted to smaller sizes. However, both processes lead to complex geometries and configurations. Standard Sintered AlNiCo has tighter dimensional tolerances due to its processing. It also has slightly lower magnetic properties, but better mechanical strength than Cast AlNiCo products.

Alnico ring magnets are a type of permanent magnet made using aluminium (Al), nickel (Ni) and cobalt (Co). They’re frequently used in industrial applications such as meters, rotating machinery, sensing devices and instruments, but can also be found in a host of everyday items.

Until the introduction of stronger rare-earth magnets in the 70s, alnico magnets were the strongest option available. Although materials like samarium and neodymium have largely displaced alnico ring magnets, alnico has superior temperature stability that makes it essential to modern-day applications. With a Curie temperature of 800°C and a maximum working temperature of 550°C, alnico has the highest operating temperature of any magnetic material. It’s also less brittle than rare-earth magnets, making it more resistant to damage over time.

Although more expensive than other options such as ferrite, alnico can be used in magnetic circuits to produce strong magnetic fields, making it the stronger of the two permanent magnets. Unlike hard ferrite magnets, alnico ring magnets are also electrically conductive, and can easily be demagnetised and re-magnetised.

alnico ring magnets

Here at AOMAG, we engineer a wide range of alnico ring magnets, including both anisotropic and isotropic options. We have a small selection available online, as well as hundreds of other choices available if you contact us directly. If you need something outside of our standard range, don’t worry – we also offer bespoke magnets, custom-made to your project.

Not sure what type of alnico magnet you need? Get in touch today – we offer free expert advice to all our customers, so you can be confident you’re getting the right solution for your project. Simply email your query to sales@omagnet.com.

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