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Alnico Horseshoe Magnets

Horseshoe shaped magnets are recognised as the universal symbol for magnets and magnetism. Horseshoe Magnets are made of Alnico material, a corrosion resistant magnet with a high temperature stability (up to 500⁰C!). Alnico magnets are manufactured from aluminium, nickel and cobalt, hence the name: Alnico. Although Alnico magnets are weaker than Rare Earth Magnets and Ceramic Magnets, they are less fragile and more durable than the others.

These U-Shaped magnets are perfect for teaching environments. Both poles are clearly labelled as such and the large horseshoe shape makes them easy to use. They can help teach about magnetism, north and south magnetic properties and demonstrate strong magnetic fields.

The dimensions for our large Horseshoe Magnets are Height (mm) x Width (mm) x Depth (mm). Please contact our sales team for any further information.

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