Multi Poles Ring

multi pole radial ring magnets
AOMag now offers high efficiency multipole magnetic rings. These Neodymium (NdFeB) rings are revolutionizing the permanent magnet space for synchronous motors, stepping motors and DC brushless motors widely used in automotive, computers, electronics, communications, office, school equipment and common household products. Until recently, full magnetic rings (FMR) were made of separate magnets joined together to create the desired ring shape. Now new technology enables the creation of super strong, one piece, multi-pole radial magnetic rings.

The advantages are significant:

Multi-pole Magnet

• Motor assembly is made much easier; installation of one or more rings versus gluing arcs into place.
• Radial sintering assures no “weak spots”.
• Magnets are multi-poled – thus the ring does not compromise the magnetic properties
• The radial orientation results in a super strong magnet by virtue of superior metallurgy developed specifically to BE radially oriented.


Hot pressing is a new method of producing sintered NdFeB magnets. This process consists of combining base powders, hot pressing the resulting material, and then baking or sintering the resulting ring to achieve a radially magnetized product. This new technology improves the magnetic flux which in turn provides better efficiency and performance.

multi pole radial ring magnets D plot of multipole ring magnets 8 Pole Multi-Pole Magnet

Radial Dual-Pole Cylindrical Magnet

High-Grade Radial Multi-Pole Ring

multi pole radial ring magnets Radial Multi-Pole Ring Diagram

Available Dimension:

O.D I.D Thickness(T) Height(H)
<70mm >15mm 2<T<5mm 25-50mm

Below are the mould we have in stock. If you choose one of them, you will not pay for the mould fee. but you should have to pay for the Magnetic fixture fee. Available mould for multi poles radial magnets

*Special sizes may be produced depending on the grade, height-to-diameter ratio, and wall thickness.


• Actuators
• Magnetic bearings
• Magnetic clutch
• Peripheral motors
• Spindle motors
• Steering control motors
• Stepper motors
• Other new products

Other Advantages:

• Geometric precision
• Variety of magnetic configurations
• Homogeneous distribution of magnetic field
• Design and assembly simplification
• Precision of motor performances
• Cost efficiency
• Huge marketing potential

radial sintered magnets