Super Strong N52 Neodymium Magnet Nickel-coating Disc Neodymium

Super Strong N52 Neodymium Magnet Nickel-coating Disc Neodymium

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1.Grade:Neodymiun Magnet





6.Magnetism direction:Customized , Axial, Diameter, and so on

7.Working Temperature:80 °C (176°F)

8.100% brand new and high quality.

9.Size:20 x 3mm
Beautiful and cool
Easy to use
Most use in house
Simple and practical


Neodymium magnet has been widely served to vast kinds of application, include high-performance permanent motors, brushless DC motors, magnetic separators, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), sensors, loudspeakers, consumer electronics, and green energy.

Product Selling Point:
1. Super strong Rare Earth magnets, once they get stuck with each other, they are hard to break apart.
2. Neodymium magnets are usually coated Nickel-Copper-Nickel plating to prevent the iron from rusting.
3 Perfect for sticking notes on fridge doors. Great for do it yourself projects.

Safety warnings for handling neodymium magnets:
1. powerful magnets must be handled in the proper manner to prevent finger pinching, including magnet damage.
2. these magnets are not toys. Do not give neodymium magnets to children under the age of 7. Therefore, always supervise children playing with the magnets and make sure they understand the dangers involved.
3. Keep the magnets away from people wearing pacemakers or other medical devices. These magnets can also damage CRT monitors and televisions.
4. Always handle magnets individually. Do not handle multiple magnets at the same time unless they are widely separated or stacked. 5.When placing magnets together, place a piece of spacing material, such as a piece of plastic, wood, or cardboard, between them so that they can be easily separated if needed.


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