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Customized Permanent Smco Ring Rectangular Cylinder Magnet
  • Customized Permanent Smco Ring Rectangular Cylinder Magnet
  • Customized Permanent Smco Ring Rectangular Cylinder Magnet
  • Customized Permanent Smco Ring Rectangular Cylinder Magnet

Customized Permanent Smco Ring Rectangular Cylinder Magnet

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SmCo Rectangular Magnet
Samarium cobait Magnets are typicaly manufactured by a powdered metallurgical process utiizing rgid stee or rubber moids
Fuly dense Samarium Cobalt rare eath manets are usualy manufactured by a powdered metallurgical process. Micron size Samarium Cobalt powder isproduced and then compacted in a rigid steel mold. The stee molds produce shapes similar to the final product, but the mechanical properties of the alloyusually inhibit complex features at this stage of the manufacturing process.
The Curie Temoerature Td is the temperature at which the magnet wi be compietely demagnetzed. Even though t mav stil be a maenetic material. amaterial that has the ability to retain a magnetic field when magnetzed, t would have completely demagnetized. It is important to note that taking a magnet toI( wil demagnetize the magnet, but depending on the process used, heating and cooling rates, and the environment that the magnet is exposed to during thetemperature cycle, heating a magnet to Tc can cause structural or mechanical damage.

Material SmCo
Configuration block, cylindrical, segment shaped0ther characteristics anisotropic, isotropic, encapsulated, with gyindrical bore, low-ss, with threaded hole, nickel-opper-nickel coated, nicke-coated, epoxy)coated
Applications for motors, for sensors, for medical applications, for elevators, for reed sensor actuation, for loudspeakers, for workshop tools,for automotiveapplications
The corrosion resistance of SmCo magnet is considered good. Although Surface coating or plating is not generally required for SmCo magnet, al kinds ofsurface coating are also available like Nicke,Zn, N-Cu-Ni, Gold, Siver, Sn,Chrome, ABS coating, Rubber coating, PTFE(eon) coating, stainless steel case andEpoxy coating etc.
Samarium cobalt are Farth Maenets are oten used in hign temperature app ications needing high magnetic performance and where maenetic stabilitv ovea wide range of temperatures is important, Magnosphere can help optimize performance and cost with Sm(o magnets in grades from 16 to 32 MGOe andtemperatures up to 350C/662". Samarium-Cobat Maenet is a trong permanent rare earth maenet made of an aloy of samarium. cobat, Fe. Cu,Pr andZr.

We accept customized services:
1) Shape and Dimension Requirements
2) Material and coating requirements
3) Processing according to design drawings
4) Requirements for Magnetization Direction
5) Magnet Grade Requirements
6) Surface treatment requirements (plating requirements)

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