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3M Magnetic Squares Strip - 3M flexible Magnetic Tape
  • 3M Magnetic Squares Strip - 3M flexible Magnetic Tape
  • 3M Magnetic Squares Strip - 3M flexible Magnetic Tape
  • 3M Magnetic Squares Strip - 3M flexible Magnetic Tape
  • 3M Magnetic Squares Strip - 3M flexible Magnetic Tape
  • 3M Magnetic Squares Strip - 3M flexible Magnetic Tape

3M Magnetic Squares Strip - 3M flexible Magnetic Tape

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About small sticky magnets

Easy to Use – Just Peel and Stick. Within seconds, you can turn any small object into a magnet! It can be used for DIY art projects, and for making your own fridge magnets or holding up little iron objects etc. Please give full play to your imagination, it can create unlimited possibilities and bring a better experience to your life!

Good Quality – We use high-quality magnetic materials and strong glue to ensure that the magnets is strong enough and better to use. Adhesive on one side, flexible magnet on the other - sticks great on plastic, metal, concrete, tiles, wall and more.

Strong and Durable – Each disc can hold up to 60-90 grams. If you want stronger magnetic force, we recommend to use 2 or more magnetic dots.

Size and Quantity – 20mm diameter x 2mm thick. Round Flexible magnet sheet with adhesive. Perfect for any DIY projects!

Material: rubber magnet + adhesive
Size: D20MM, thickness 2MM, Or customized order.
Design: customized is available
Usage: DIY craft
Remark: We can cut it into any shape according to your requirment

Flexible Magnet sheet with Adhesive for Home, Office or Classroom
* With the help of adhesive backing tape, the application of magnet is greatly expanded.
* Easy to use, just peel off the adhesive backing and stick it on your paper crafts.
* Please note: only for light projects, not for heavy projects.
* Keep the product out of children.
* Assembly and Storage

1. When bonding magnets with adhesive tape, be careful not to let oil, dust or other dirty things adhere to the bonding surface.
This may reduce the adhesive force and cause the magnet to fall off.
2. Do not store the magnet in a place exposed to rain or dust, or in a humid environment
3. Don't be exposed to fire or high temperature.

Adhesive Magnets for Crafts - Flexible Magnet sheet with Adhesive

Product Features:
* Made of high-quality magnets with strong adhesive, it is very suitable for making handicrafts.
* Its strong viscosity helps to stick firmly on refrigerators and walls, and its magnetic force can bear the weight of 7 sheets of A4 paper.

Small Sticky Magnets but strong magnetic force
The magnet is only 20mm in diameter and only 2.3mm in thickness, so it is light in weight and convenient to use. It can hold 7 sheets of A4 paper or even more at a time. It's perfect for doing some light handwork.If you need magnetic force to hold something heavier, please buy other magnets with stronger magnetic force.

* Color: Black
* Material: Flexible Magnets+ Adhesive
* Size: 20mm in diameter
* Type: Small Sticky Back Magnets Dots

Multiple Applications:
For School
Small Sticky Magnets can be used to show posters and pictures to children in class, or they can be used to make more beautiful magnets.

For Home
You can use it as a refrigerator magnet. This magnet has a smooth surface, so don't worry about scratching.

For Office
Magnets are a good choice for pasting maps, charts and pictures on works. It can be removed at any time, which is very convenient.

For Decoration
With the help of 3M double-sided adhesive tape, magnets can greatly help you decorate your home, and can be used in photos, crafts and so on.

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