Ndfeb Cylinder Magnets

AOMag are original manufacturer of Neodymium Cylinder Magnets or Neodymium Rod Magnets. We supply all kinds of cylinder magnets, small cylinder magnets, big cylinder magnets, magnet rods, bar magnet, round magnet with many color optional like zinc, niclke, epoxy, silver, gold, etc. The shapes are regular with diameter, height, etc. Rod Size of Neodymium Magnets. Widely used in toy, sensor, relay and switch ! The following items are the relative products of the NdFeB Rod Magnets,you can quickly find the NdFeB Rod Magnets through the list.

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ndfeb cylinder magnets

neodymium cylinder magnets

All cylinder magnets (Rod Magnets) have their north and south poles on the even circular surfaces (axial magnetisation). The few exceptions that are diametrically magnetised are especially marked.If you are looking for a cylinder magnets, you may supply sizes information Diameter, Height . For example:If you are looking for 8*10mm cylinder magnets. You may send inquiry: Size: D(8)*H(10) OR D*H=8*10