Irregular Ndfeb Magnets

Neodymium magnets by ao magnet electronic are made from different kinds of rare earth materials, such as Nd, Dy, Fe, Al, Nb, Ga, Mo, Co and few other metals and they are the third generation rare earth permanent magnets that is the strongest magnets in the world and they feature high remanence, high corrective force and high energy products and they are more than 10 times stronger than ferrite magnets. The ordinary coatings include Nickel(Ni-Cu-Ni), Black nickel, Zinc(Trivalent), Epoxy, Tin, Gold, Silver & Parylene etc. The ordinary grades of NdFeB magnets have N35, N38 to N52, N35M, N28M to N48M, N33H to N46H, N33SH to N44SH, N30UH to N35UH and N30EH to N35EH and their BHmax is 52MGOe that is the highest grade We can make now. Their highest working temperature is 200 °C. They almost can be any size and shape, such as block, disc, ring, segment, cylinder and any special shapes. They have wide applications such as wind generators, DC motors, air conditioners, servo motors, PM motors, linear motors, VCM, medical apparatus, electronic components, toys, hand crafts and other magnetic holding and seperating products.

Some irregular Neodymium magnets are relatively difficult to machine because Neodymium magnets are too brittle when you machine them but we can do many complicated shapes of neodymium magnets according to customer's special requirement and this kind of magnets are usually used in some new developed electronic components and craft products.

There usually need many machining processes such as cutting, wire cutting, drilling, milling and turning etc and the cost is relative higher than ordinary shapes of magnets.The coatings are still Nickel(Ni-Cu=Ni), Black Nickel, Zinc(Trivalent), Epoxy, Stannum, Gold, Silver or Parylene etc in order to keep from rusting according to order requirement.

AO Magnet Electronic can produce all kinds of irregular ndfeb magnets. If you want to purchase or know more detailed description, pricing and service about NdFeB Irregular Magnets, please contact us !