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News: ferrite magnets china - Bright future

Ferrite magnet is one kinds of sintered permanent magnet materials, which is make up of barium and strontium, no matter the ferrite magnets material have the strong anti-demagnetization performance, but also the advantage of Cost Low. Ferrite magnets is rigid and brittle, require special machining process. The opposite sex magnet to take direction due to the orientation along the manufacturing direction, shall be provided along magnetic charge, and its same-sex magnet orientation can be along any direction magnetizing, despite the pressure surface - is often the smallest side will be found slightly stronger magnetic induction. Energy product range between 1.1MGOe to 4.0MGOe.

Compared with the other two types of magnetic materials, production process of ferrite magnet is simple and inexpensive. Therefore, the highest production of ferrite magnets in the magnet industry. At the same time, the ferrite magnet application is the most widely used iron core inductance coil of the electronic equipment, and transformers used in magnetic materials are of this material. It can be said that the ferrite magnet has become one of the fundamental and essential materials of the electronics industry.

In 21st century, the growth of the bonded ferrite magnets has accelerated production of 50,000 tons in China, in addition to the original traditional isotropic bonded ferrite, such as the refrigerator door seal magnetic stripe and CRT focusing ring film, the anisotropic bonded ferrite magnets such as the micro-motor magnets and tissue paper advertising patch grow rate increasable. Now, isotropic magnets accounted for 60% of the bonded ferrite magnets, the energy product in the 0.7 ~ 1.0MGOe, anisotropic magnets accounted for 40% of its energy product in the 140 ~ 1.6MGOe, mainly used for various types of micro-motor. In recent years, the product quality and grade of ferrite magnets have been greatly improved, basically the production of standard products of various grades of TDK Corporation, Japan. Magnetic properties of sintered ferrite with iron scales for the production of raw materials reach FB4B, the magnetic properties of iron oxide as raw material production to achieve the FB5, FB6 Mn-Zn ferrite power materials performance is generally up to PC30 - P0, the few high permeability material for the production of P4, PC50 and other brands of products; μi generally up to 8,000, a few can produce 12,000 and 15,000 materials.

Nowadays, permanent ferrite products in high-tech fields accounted for 42%, such as appliances (microwave ovens, air conditioning, electric household appliances), office supplies (copier, fax machines), automobiles, motorcycles, high-fidelity audio, instrumentation sensors. The fields of application in traditional affordable products accounted for 58%, such as speakers, adsorption magnets, toy motors, magnetic separation device.

The Soft ferrite products, application of high-tech fields accounted for 22%, such as digital communications, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), RF broadband, anti-electromagnetic interference (EMI), high-definition display, automotive electronics. The field of application of traditional affordable products accounted for 78%, such as televisions, power adapters, electronic ballasts, ordinary switching power supply transformer, antenna rods.

Overall, the performance of the ferrite magnet is basic on the low quality, although the production quantity is the highest in the world, but the output is not satisfactory. Magnetic material output of about 26.5 billion Yuan, the Wing ferrite output value of 6.2 billion, the average price of 15,000 yuan / ton; soft ferrite output value of 9.3 billion, the average price of 31,000 Yuan / ton, the rest of the SmCo magnets, NdFeB magnets and metallic magnets, the market share of 11 billion Yuan.

In 2006 China, the export is 230,000 tons of all kinds of magnets, exports amounted to only $ 860 million; import all kinds of magnets 69,000 tons, while imports amounted to $ 570,000,000. Import and export volume and the amount of magnetic material from China's customs statistics, from which also reflect China's magnet prices far below the international price.

The raw materials needed by the Chinese magnetic material. Ferrite production companies about 70% iron scale, raw material, which is a major feature, instead of iron oxide with iron scales, lower raw material costs by 30 percent, with a lot of competitiveness.

The material of magnets china with rich resources and the advantages of the labor force, as well as the market supported by the huge domestic and foreign markets, which will be a stable period of development. The production of magnetic materials magnet mainly is produced in Asia, Japan as the main body of high-grade magnets; Chinese produce the middle and low magnet, and split some of the high-end product market, other Southeast Asian countries to split part of the middle and low product market. China has a good machine matching market and investment environment, ferrite magnet manufacturing accelerated Japan, Europe and the United States to China. Forecast up to 2010, in China the production of ferrite magnets will be more than six percent of the yield NdFeB magnetic material for 80 percent in the world.

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