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News: Cheap magnetic balls china

Magnetic balls are an entertainment toy. Composed of 216 individual magnetic balls, it allows you to create and recreate many shapes of patterns. It is perfect for gaming, expression, stress relief, dual hemispherical brain stimulation and much more. The Magnetic balls are also a puzzle with billions of solutions. The Magnetic balls are constructed of permanent magnetic material by grinding and coating. The different diameter and coating can be made at customer's requirement. The grades also can vary from N35 to N50. The maximum working temperature can be from 80 to 180 . The coating can be Nickel, Zinc, Chrome, black Epoxy, Ag, Au, etc. As production cost is greatly related to the quantity in production cycle, the more quantity order can have lower price. We do also ship 1pc (dropship too) by Epack China. it takes 7-12 days to deliver. The price can be only $15/set. For more, please refer to our cheap magnetic balls .

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AOMAG Magnetics is a professional manufacturer and exporter of permanent magnet (NdFeB, Alnico, Smco & Ferrite) and Magnetic Assemblies in China since 1996. AOMAG Magnetics, the leading magnet brand in China. Our annual production capacity is 8000 tons. We own a complete production chain and perfect quality assurance system. We are an IATF 16949:2016, ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018 certified company. 
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