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Advantages of neodymium countersunk hole magnets

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The countersunk hole magnets are more upgraded and optimized by people based on the ordinary magnets. Using the unique features of its shape to provide more help for people. Because the countersunk magnet is not used alone, it is combined or fixed with other components, and needs to be matched with screws. These are more convenient experiences that people have gained through research and development.

The advantage of the shape of the countersunk magnet lies in the small hole in the middle, which is convenient for the staff to fix and provide convenience during work. This is the unique charm of the countersunk magnet. The reason why people use it so widely is because of its advantages in this category. Countersunk hole magnets are relatively complicated in processing, so the price will be slightly higher, which is related to size, performance, temperature resistance, etc.

Disc with Countersunk Hole magnet: Ring magnet is a round magnet that is hollowed out. The round magnets we often see are all a piece of round shape. However, we are curious, can this magnet be fitted with screws?

First of all, AOMAG made the inner ring of the magnet into a countersunk hole, and the shape of the countersunk is actually made like a funnel. Because the funnel-shaped is more beautiful than the vertical hole in terms of aesthetics, the screw will not cause the plane to protrude after installation. Secondly, it is designed to be particularly protective and will not cause the magnet to be so easily damaged. It conforms to the user's vision from the aesthetic point of view, and satisfies the user's use from the safety point of view, killing two birds with one stone.

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