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Powerful Neodymium Magnets Air Shipping Packaging Method

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1. Can NdFeB powerful magnets be shipped by air?
First of all, powerful NdFeB magnets can be transported by air, but magnetic inspection is required. Generally, transportation companies will provide magnetic inspection services. Only after the magnetic inspection meets the air transportation standards can they be transported. If you want to transport magnets by air, you need to do magnetic isolation packaging during the packaging process, so that the magnetic properties displayed on the unit packaging can meet the national air safety transportation requirements, and magnetic isolation can achieve the purpose of demagnetization.

2. Characteristics of NdFeB powerful magnets
Shipping neodymium magnets by air can be a hassle. Because neodymium magnets are fragile and have strong magnetic properties, they can easily affect flight safety, so the magnets must be transported with care.
We should know that NdFeB is not a metal, it is just a magnet plated with some metals, such as nickel, zinc, gold, which is fragile and brittle. In fact, NdFeB magnets are very fragile among all kinds of magnets.
3. What packaging is used for neodymium magnets?
Mainly use foam board plus magnetic isolation board, and usually use eight-hole foam box specially used for export to place magnets.
(1) Polystyrene foam
Layers 1 and 3 - The first layer protects the neodymium magnets. The third layer of polystyrene foam protects the iron plate and secures the goods well.
(2) Magnetic isolation board
The second layer is thin iron sheets - actually, there are 6 thin iron sheets in the box to shield or redirect the magnetic field from the neodymium magnets. So when people want to ship by air, the neodymium magnet will not affect other packages or the plane.

Generally, the weight of a set of magnetic isolation plates will reach about 2kg, and the magnetic isolation effect is also very good. It is suitable for normal packaging of ordinary magnets and small-size magnets, but not suitable for packaging large-size magnets. Because the large size magnet has a very large magnetic field, it is difficult to change the direction.


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