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Development Status of NdFeB Permanent Magnet Materials Industry

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Overview of NdFeB

NdFeB belongs to the third-generation rare earth permanent magnet material. It is the most magnetic permanent magnet that has been found so far, and is called the "permanent king". Rare earth permanent magnet materials are prepared from rare earth metal elements RE and transition group metal elements TM, including samarium cobalt permanent magnets, iron nitrogen permanent magnets, etc. NdFeB permanent magnets are among the fastest growing, most widely used and most comprehensive performances. Products are also gradually developing towards high-performance NdFeB magnets.

NdFeB is based on the NdFeB compound Nd2Fe14B, and is made through smelting, pulverizing, forming orientation, machining and other processes. Compared with the previous two generations of rare earth permanent magnet materials, NdFeB has high intrinsic coercivity, high The performance of remanence and high magnetic energy product, and the continuous improvement of the material in recent years, has reduced the working temperature and material cost.

NdFeB industry chain

The NdFeB permanent magnet material industry has a complete industrial chain. The upstream industry is mainly the rare earth mining and smelting industry, the midstream is the production and supplier of NdFeB materials, and the downstream is consumer electronics, new energy vehicles, wind turbines, industrial motors and other application fields.

Development Status of NdFeB Industry

Worldwide, rare earth mineral resources are relatively concentrated, and the main reserves and production are in China. The supply of China's NdFeB magnets has reached more than 85% of the world's.
Among the neodymium magnets materials, the sintered NdFeB magnet material is currently the most widely used NdFeB permanent magnet material. According to statistics, in 2020, sintered NdFeB will account for 94.3% of the total NdFeB magnetic material, bonded NdFeB will account for 4.4%, and other total output will only account for 1.3%.

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