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How to select good magnets for BLDC Motor

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Today when visiting a motor forum, I found a netizen who asked how to choose the magnet of brushless DC motor? What influence does the residual magnetism, coercive force and magnetic energy product of the magnetic steel in the brushless DC motor have on the performance of the magnetic steel? Then there is how to select the correct magnet steel performance parameters according to the condition of the motor. If the parameters such as remanence are the same, what is the difference between ferrite and rare earth?

NdFeB magnet, This is almost the case. In magnetic steel, residual magnetism br refers to magnetizing the magnetic field outside the magnet to the saturation of the technology and canceling the magnetic field. At this time, the magnetic induction strength of the magnet; (the magnet is not strong, mainly depends on br ) The intrinsic coercive force HCJ refers to the strength of the reverse magnetic field required to reduce the magnetization of the magnet to zero, (whether the magnet can continue to work at high temperature, how much temperature can withstand, mainly depends on HCJ) magnetic energy product (BH) Max refers to the product of B and H at any point of the demagnetization curve, and the maximum value of BXH is called the maximum magnetic energy product. (Comprehensive parameters, the selection of magnetic steel mainly depends on BR and HCJ)
What kind of magnet should the motor choose?
This mainly depends on your application field, power, maximum working temperature, and even the original design experience and so on.
What is the difference between ferrite and rare earth magnets?
Ferrite and rare earth neodymium magnets are permanent magnets. Permanent magnets are a collective term. Sintered ferrite magnets, injection ferrite, sintered NdFeB, bonded NdFeB, etc. are all types of permanent magnets. The magnetic properties, plasticity, machinability and economy of different materials are different, depending on how you choose.

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