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Halbach Array permanent magnet

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Halbach Array, Halbach permanent magnet are a kind of magnet structure. In 1979, American scholar Klaus Halbach discovered this special permanent magnet structure and gradually improved it during the electron acceleration experiment, and finally formed the so-called "Halbach" magnet. It is engineering. The approximate ideal structure of the system uses a special arrangement of magnet units to enhance the field strength in the unit direction. The goal is to generate the strongest magnetic field with the least amount of magnets.

This array is completely composed of rare earth permanent magnet materials. By arranging permanent magnets with different magnetization directions according to a certain rule, the magnetic force lines can be condensed on one side of the magnet and weakened on the other side, so as to obtain an ideal unilateral magnetic field. This has a very important significance in engineering. With excellent magnetic field distribution characteristics, the Haierbeike array is widely used in industrial fields such as nuclear magnetic resonance, magnetic levitation, and permanent magnet special motors.

Halbach Array is a kind of magnet structure, which is an approximate ideal structure in engineering. The goal is to generate the strongest magnetic field with the least amount of magnets. The rare earth neodymium iron boron is made of Haierbeike array magnetic ring, which generates a sine wave magnetic field, and the motor noise is low. Using this technology to make the motor rotor without iron core, the rotor does not form eddy current, which improves the efficiency of the motor; the rotorless iron core can reduce the motor inertia and the motor responds faster. The maximum power of the motor is 750W.
Suitable for the following applications:
1. Motor installation space is limited; (Host supporting equipment)
2. High motor efficiency requirements; (Lithium battery drive applications)
3. Require low motor noise; (Consumer Electronics)
4. Control applications, requiring fast motor response; (servo, robot)

What are the methods for making the entire column of Haierbeck? Method 1: According to the topology of the array, use magnet glue to bond the magnetized magnet segments in advance. Because the mutual repulsion between the magnet segments is very strong, so the adhesion Use a mold for clamping. The manufacturing efficiency of this method is lower, but it is easier to implement, and it is more suitable for laboratory research. Method 2: First use a mold filling or compression molding method to manufacture a complete magnet, and then magnetize it in a special fixture. The array structure processed by this method is similar to the following figure. This method has high processing efficiency and comparison. It is easy to realize mass production. However, it is necessary to design magnetizing fixtures and formulating magnetizing technology. Method 3: Use a winding array of a specific shape to achieve the Halbach-type magnetic field distribution, as shown in the figure.

In the permanent magnet motor, the permanent magnet motor using the Halbach array structure has a more sinusoidal air gap magnetic field than the traditional permanent magnet motor. With the same amount of permanent magnet material, the air gap magnetic density of the Halbach permanent magnet motor is greater. The iron loss is small. In addition, Halbach ring arrays are also widely used in permanent magnetic bearings, magnetic refrigeration equipment and magnetic resonance equipment.

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