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Does the magnet really radiate? Will it cause harm to the body?

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Recently, a message appeared on the Internet: "Magnets radiate, please far away!" So, is it common in life and even used by many children as magnets for toys, does it really radiate to the human body?
In fact, most of the magnets we come into contact with in daily life are physical magnets, which belong to magnets with very weak magnetic fields and do not cause much harm to normal people. Only when the magnet has a high-intensity magnetic field exceeding 3000 Gauss (magnetic field unit) can it be harmful to the human body. And according to tests, the effect of a magnet's magnetic field on a person is only one-fifth that of a television.
In fact, all objects with temperature emit electromagnetic wave radiation. This concept is called "black body radiation", but ordinary magnets do not have radiation intensity that can harm the human body.

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