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The Latest Research on High Voltage Permanent Magnet Synchronous

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In the industrial, construction and public utilities in the field of motor is an important driving force equipment, but also the largest consumer of power consumption, and energy-saving potential of the largest users. In 2012, China's total installed capacity of various types of motors is about 500 million kilowatts, of which the installed capacity of asynchronous motors accounts for 90% of the installed capacity of the motor, accounting for about 60% of the national electricity consumption, accounting for 75% of industrial consumption, Efficiency 5% -15% lower than the advanced level of foreign, equivalent to an annual waste of about 150 billion kwh of electricity.

At present, the high-voltage and high-power asynchronous motors used in the industrial field are generally inefficient and poor power factor. And efficient permanent magnet synchronous motor can achieve energy efficient targets, field application prospects, has attracted major domestic enterprises concerned. 2013 Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued (2013 industrial energy and green development of special action to implement the program) proposed that the choice of motor energy efficiency and green development to achieve a breakthrough. This article will be through the Zhangjiakou power plant for the first time application and field test analysis. For the application of permanent magnet synchronous motor to provide a reference.

First, high pressure permanent magnet synchronous motor overview

1, high pressure permanent magnet synchronous motor development process

Motor is an electromagnetic device, its working principle is through the magnetic field to achieve the continuous conversion of electrical energy and mechanical energy. In the work of the motor, the atmosphere is essential. There are two ways to obtain a magnetic field, one of which is obtained by the current. The motor is called an electric field motor, which requires a winding specifically designed to generate a current magnetic field. At the same time, it is necessary to provide uninterrupted energy supply to the motor in order to ensure the normal flow of current. Another method is to obtain a magnetic field through the permanent magnet, which can greatly simplify the structure of the motor, and because the permanent magnet once magnetized (magnetized) after the permanent magnetic, no longer need outside the supply of energy, which greatly reduced Energy loss.

High-voltage permanent magnet synchronous motor is through the permanent magnet to obtain the magnetic field of the motor, the development of permanent magnet material to promote the development of such a motor. Rare earth cobalt and NdFeB permanent magnet appeared in the 1960s and 1980s respectively, and the appearance of these two permanent magnet materials greatly promoted the development of the motor, since these two materials were particularly suitable for the characteristics of the motor device, Including high residual magnetic density, high coercivity, linear demagnetization curve and high magnetic energy product.

China's experts and scholars to develop their own efficient high-pressure permanent magnet synchronous motor, the use of solid rotor pole and start the cage composite structure, weakening the tooth harmonics, reducing the rotor surface loss and improve the motor efficiency. At the same time, non-uniform air gap and optimized ventilation cooling, effective control of the motor temperature rise. The motor with the asynchronous motor compared to the indicators provided significantly, rated load efficiency greater than 96%, power factor greater than 0.98, integrated energy-saving rate of 8% -15%.

2, the advantages of high-pressure permanent magnet synchronous motor

2.1 High efficiency

The use of permanent magnetic materials to produce magnetic field, instead of the original current device, to a certain extent, reduce the stator current and its resistance loss. In addition, when the motor is working properly, the working efficiency is improved by the absence of the rotor's resistance loss and hysteresis loss. When the motor rated work, the motor efficiency of 96% or more, low load work, the motor still has a relatively high efficiency, wide and efficient operation area for the load in different load section to provide a good power saving effect The

2.2 High power factor

The new permanent magnet motor rotor is the use of permanent magnetic materials, do not need to generate the current to generate the magnetic field, the stator winding has a resistive load characteristics, which makes the motor power factor in the vicinity of 1. In addition, when the motor in the 20% to 120% of the rated load range of work, the motor power factor and efficiency will be at a relatively high level. Specifically, when the motor load is small, that is, light load work, the new motor can greatly save energy consumption, and when the motor in the rated load work, its power factor is greater than 0.98.

2.3 start torque large

The permanent magnet motor rotor is a solid permanent magnet material, which makes the start-up torque of the motor significantly increased to 3.5 to 4.3 range, while the same power of the general motor starting torque only 1.8 to 2.2 times.

2.4 small size, light weight

Compared with the general power of the same motor, the size of the motor is about 60% of the general motor, the volume is significantly reduced, the weight is about 83% of the general motor, reduced by about 16%.

2.5 permanent magnet motor also has the following characteristics:

2.5.1 Significant increase in running time;

2.5.2 maintenance costs in the course of work;

2.5.3 magnetic field strength is very stable, there will be no obvious demagnetization phenomenon;

2.5.4 motor vibration is small;

In summary, the new permanent magnet motor compared with the asynchronous motor has a large capacity, high power factor, high efficiency and so on.

Application Analysis of High Voltage Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

1, the application principle

The high-efficiency high-voltage permanent magnet synchronous motor is started by the asynchronous torque generated by the interaction between the stator rotating magnetic field and the cage rotor. The operation of the rotor is provided by the permanent magnet of the rotor and the stator is rotated to maintain the synchronous operation of the motor.

Datang International Zhangjiakou Power Plant has a total of 8 sets of 300,000 kilowatts, installed capacity of 2.4 million kilowatts, power plant power consumption accounted for about 5% of power generation, which is the main power plant power plant equipment. Through the first use of Shanxi North Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. production of high efficiency permanent magnet synchronous motor, it is necessary to verify its economy, reliability.

The company produces efficient permanent magnet synchronous motor, through the theoretical analysis, laboratory testing and testing of national authorities. But the product in the production site application of the lack of a large number of practical data support for power generation enterprises did not test the application of the case, the site system, the equipment did not establish an intuitive theory and the actual system, can not test and monitoring means for efficient permanent magnet synchronous motor For economic analysis.

The field test, is TYC4002-6 efficient permanent magnet synchronous motor for the first time in the production site to run the economy, safety, reliability test, and the original asynchronous motor for comparison and identification.

2, experimental program research and analysis

2.1 Determination of motor test plan

After the motor installation site is determined, we plan and adjust the field system and equipment:

2.1.1 confirmed the use of buffer tank volume changes to measure the system output of the precise test program;

2.1.2 The original pump outlet resistance does not match the parallel pipe to improve the impeller pump impeller, shaft seal, adjust the door to check the replacement of the motor foundation to check the electrical measurement instrument (voltage, current, power factor , Total power, active power, reactive power, active power, reactive power) to test;

2.1.3 on the S148-6 three-phase asynchronous motor and TYC4003-6 efficient permanent magnet synchronous motor technical indicators, parameters, characteristics of the analysis and comparison; on the slurry pump system, electrical measurement system, shaft sealing water system, water system, water tank Structure, monitoring table, etc. analysis and evaluation.

2.2 The main technical parameters of equipment

Two units of three groups of first-class paddle pump drive the original motor is produced by Lanzhou Electric Factory JS148-6 three-phase asynchronous motor rated, instead of efficient permanent magnet synchronous motor is used TYC4003-6, without changing the conditions and motor control system Case, the test (trial), the main parameters of the motor comparison is as follows:

2.3 Parameter collection and test system:

Test the motor voltage, current, active power, power factor, active power, reactive power data, are taken from the distribution control cabinet electric test instrument records the actual value. The flow rate is measured by the scale to change the water level of the buffer tank.

3, the application situation

3.1 TYC4003-6 high efficiency permanent magnet synchronous motor and JS148-6 three-phase asynchronous motor test comparison found that the output active power to meet the field conditions of use, the motor input power is reduced, the power factor has been greatly improved to 0.997, Magnetic synchronous motor current reduced by 13.65%, reactive power reduced by 82.89%, saving effect is obvious.

3.2 in the same conditions, high-pressure permanent magnet synchronous motor driven by the pump than the three-phase asynchronous motor driven pulp pump significantly increased the output, the flow of more than 18%, that is, more work.

3.3 motor through the air gap, duct and axial fan of the optimal design to improve the ventilation cooling effect, effectively reducing the motor temperature rise.

3.4 The use of solid magnetic pole and start the cage of the composite rotor structure, improve the motor starting performance. At the same time due to the rotor surface loss and loss of stray loss, improve the motor efficiency.

3.5 due to a large number of reactive power loss, making the system voltage stability, voltage quality, can reduce the load factor of the transformer, improve the level of economic operation of the power supply system for enterprises to produce indirect economic benefits. At the same time, the motor speed increases, the efficiency of the pump or fan impact, due to increased output through the system to adjust the energy saving effect is significant.

3.6 permanent magnet motor winding temperature is lower than the A-motor lower than 10 degrees, before and after the bearing temperature is normal.

3.7 permanent magnet motor running vibration is small, low noise, smooth operation.

Third, the direction and prospects of permanent magnet synchronous motor applications

The permanent magnet synchronous motor in a wide range of replacement of the existing asynchronous motor or there are many difficulties:

1, permanent magnet synchronous motor is a technology energy-saving new products, and the existing process system has been very mature;

2, the price of the new motor is much higher than the price of asynchronous motor, the user needs to invest a lot of money, and the income of the time is longer;

3, how to deal with the replacement of the asynchronous motor is also a problem to be solved. However, according to the actual operation of the permanent magnet synchronous motor and the calculation results of the operating data, the new permanent magnet motor can reduce the energy loss, but also can improve the power factor, thereby reducing the reactive power, especially in reducing the reactive power loss The field has a wide range of application prospects, can greatly reduce the operating costs of enterprises, reduce the power supply system security risks. Permanent magnet synchronous motor in the power industry has been used in the pulverizer, oxidation fan, combined with the characteristics of the motor, that the load adjustment range of the larger coal mill and blower application effect will be more ideal.

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