Ndfeb Arc Segments

We are manufacturer and supplier of Neodymium arc magnets since 1996. Arc Magnets is one special shape of Rare earth magnets and permanent magnets. The main application for arc segment magnets is in motors or generators, either for rotors or stators. We alco supply Ferrite arc magnets, SmCo arc segments. Which material is used depends on the required torque, maximum operating temperature, environmental conditions and cost.

Generally, Arc shape neodymium magnets are anisotropically aligned through the outer and inner radii of the segment. After the magnet has been surface ground to profile the Arc radius or pressed, we magnetise it through the radius of the arc.

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AOMag can supply arcs as component parts, as an assembly from free issue iron work, or from iron work engineered by us. We have also magnetised rotors with assembled arc segments as a last operation, thus allowing ease of assembly and efficiency of production.

It is always manufactured via Wire Cutting and grinding etc .Regular Neodymium arc magnets have the following important factors such as ,Outer Diameter Or Outer Radius,Inne Diameter or Inner Radius ,Degree of Angle,Thickness,Length ,Round Edge etc. Generally speaking,Arc Magnets are all made as Customer Design and as Special requirement. AOMag supply all kinds of arc magnets, small arc magnets, big arc magnets, magnetic tile, arc segment magnet, motor magnet with many colors optional like zinc, niclke, epoxy, silver, gold, etc. The shapes are irregular with diameter, height (or thickness), etc. If you are looking for neodymium magnet arc, it will be better for you to supply drawings or draft for correct understanding.