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Arc Segment Magnets for Motors in windshield Wipper

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The wiper motor magnetic structure according to points, there are mounted permanent magnet excitation and two. Recently the use of permanent magnet motors more, because it is a permanent magnet poles. Small size, light weight, small noise, simple structure, low price and so therefore have been widely used.

magnets for motorsmagnets for motors

When the permanent magnet motor work in the inner armature (rotor) while generating counter electromotive force, the opposite direction of its armature current. To make the motor rotates, the applied voltage must overcome the role of a counter electromotive force. When the motor speed increases, back electromotive force increases only when the applied voltage is equal to the counter electromotive force, the armature speed to stabilize. ao magnet electronic have been producing magnets for wipper motors for years.

magnets for motors

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