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SmCo Segment Magnets & Neodymium Half-Ring Permanent Magnets to

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SmCo Magnets China :
I am interested in purchasing of SmCo segment magnets.
I need radial magnetization, magnet drawing and material parameters in the attachment.
Delivery to Ukraine
The payment I can make by bank transfer.
Can you please provide the total invoice for payment and shipping?

Thanks for new inquiry.
But we cannot find any documents in your attachment.
Could you please re-send it?

Magnet Drawing:

smco magnets 

AOMag :
Please refer to our offer as below:
Permanent Magnets Manufacturer: SmCo, as per specifications on your drawing, magnetized through diameter, Unit Price USD***/pc.

N38SH Neodymium Magnets:
I am still interested in your product, but details changed.
I am interested in purchasing of neodymium segment and ring magnets.
I need magnetized through diameter, N38SH, epoxy coating.
Magnet drawing, size and material parameters in the attachment

Half ring magnets 

Below is our quotation.
Material: Sintered NdFeB Magnet
Shape: Ring & Half Ring
Grade: N38SH
Coating: Black Epoxy
Magnetized through diameter
Unit Price USD***/pc
The shipping charges to your address in Ukraine USD*** (excluding any taxes or duties on your side)

Permanent Magnet Order:
I received quotation, the terms and price of the D51xd46x9mmx180° magnets is good for me.
Please give me details for payment.

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