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How to select sintered NdFeB magnets

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Magnetism selection
As Hcj difference, NdFeB magnets have different limits on working temperature. The working temperature should be lower than the maximum working temperature of selected NdFeB magnets grade, in order to take the most use of sintered NdFeB advantages. In addition, as NdFeB manufacture features, the production cost is higher for the highest grade of each series material, and its performance price ratio is not high. Cost of highest grade material is generally 10-20% higher than the next grade. E.g. The Br of 48H is 4% higher than 45H, but its price is 20% higher. Therefore, we suggest you make appropriate selection. Please inquiry our experienced engineers once you have any doubts.

Size selection
Due to the fragile character of NdFeB magnet, so the ratio of length/Thickness can’t be too big. Otherwise, the demagnetization ratio after aging will be higher, and the machining cost will be more. Meantime, we don’t suggest design NdFeB products with very thin dimension which will leads to collision and damages. Usual Magnets should be designed with proper round edges.

Coating Selection
We have to do surface treatment and protection on magnets surface due to the restrictions of NdFeB material base. According to the factors such as working temperature, environment, corrosion resistance, product appearance, coating bonding, adhesive effect etc, we have to select different metal or nonmetal protective coatings. For more details please refer to the coating introduction on our websites or consult our professional engineer.

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