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What is magnetic circuit?

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The magnetic circuit is defined by one or more permanent magnets, current-carrying conductors, and soft iron in a certain shape and size to form a magnetic field with a specific working air gap. Ruan iron can be pure iron, low carbon steel, nickel iron alloy, nickel cobalt alloy and other materials with high permeability. The soft iron, also known as the yoke, plays a role in controlling the flux flow in the magnetic circuit, increasing the local magnetic induction, preventing or reducing magnetic flux leakage, and improving the mechanical mildness of the entire component. Usually when there is no soft iron, the magnetic state of a single magnet is called an open state; when the magnet is in a magnetic flux loop formed by a soft iron, the magnet is said to be in a closed state. AOMAG can meet the requirements of customers through the magnetic circuit design to achieve high magnetic flux.

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