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Machining methods for permanent ceramic (ferrite) multi poles d

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Many of my friends often ask about product knowledge and features when consulting with us. For the industry and long-term use of magnet customers and friends of this knowledge is already well known. As the saying goes, such as Alishan, a small number of customers before the friends did not contact the magnet, do not understand the characteristics of magnetic materials and related knowledge, then we have to talk about a lot of talk for a long time, time and effort. Here I am for the ferrite magnet radial multi-poles magnetic ring chat two. Many of the multi-stage magnetic ring for brushless motor motor brushless Hall sensor components, but the permanent magnet ferrite magnet production and processing technology is far more complex than the rare earth magnets, layman that permanent magnet ferrite Magnet production process than the NdFeB strong magnet to be simple, in fact, this is a wrong view, simply do not understand the permanent magnet ferrite magnets and rare earth NdFeB strong magnet production process.

First, from the permanent magnet ferrite radial magnetic ring with NdFeB magnets processing production process, the Pearl River Delta magnet manufacturers for the post-processing manufacturers, is directly from the material to buy raw materials and then processing and production of magnet products, From the processing of production technology point of view, can be divided into: the purchase of raw materials - slice processing production - plating - a finished product, which is the main four steps, but the actual production process of course, more than so simple, After the processing of the manufacturers, all products are based on customer demand for production and processing, the motor side of the magnet is relatively more trouble, the production of motor magnetic tile multi-line cutting processing production, production of motor radial magnetic ring than the production of NdFe Boron motor magnetic tile to trouble some of the need to cut into the square and then round the square, do a good job after the roll round hole need to be perforated, because the radial magnetic ring in the middle of the hole need to match the actual phase, so the accuracy of the tolerance requirements Relatively high. After laying holes and need to be artificial chamfer, after the good angle before plating, plating can be magnetized after shipment.

However, the permanent ferrite radial ring magnets on the first to be a lot of complexity, first of all, permanent magnet ferrite in the product ingredients than the NdFeB radial magnetic ring to be strict, because the permanent magnet ferrite radial magnetic ring are Is directly used to suppress the mold out of the general product is simply not suitable for the amount of ferrite powder formula can not only be based on a small number of customer orders to do, and ferrite radial magnetic ring production mold is very heavy , The installation of a mold is also very time-consuming artificial time, when the ferrite radial magnetic ring after the need to suppress the sintering, for example, as we built the house with the red brick, After sintering, the magnetic ring is certainly irregular and so on, so the permanent magnet ferrite radial magnetic ring is generally required for cylindrical grinding treatment, requiring a higher product also need to be round grinding treatment, and Ferrite radial magnetic ring grinding and processing is very difficult to deal with, grinding only a few times to wear a few silk, so a complete ferrite radial magnetic ring is after more than the magnetic processing can be done before and after the positive and negative 0.05MM Tolerance, the whole product is polished, in order to magnetize, because the permanent magnet ferrite radial magnetic ring for the radial multi-poles magnetization, and ferrite radial magnetic ring in the suppression of production and processing time has been set Good magnets of magnets. But also according to the specific size to do with a matching coil and fixture to magnetize. And multi-pole magnetic field directional dry pressure corresponding to the sintering, grinding after the magnetic ring to be the corresponding multi-pole magnet magnetization.

We use high-efficiency pulse magnetizing machine, the key technology is to design a suitable magnetization device. Also with industrial pure iron processing into a magnetized fixture, on its use of yarn package insulation line as shown in the winding around the coil. Adjacent to the pole on the opposite side of the coil, the eight pole coil connected in series, then connected to the pulse magnetizer, by the law of electromagnetic induction and magnetic circuit theory can be seen, the same side of the same polarity to produce the same polarity of the opposite charge Magnetic field. While the polarity of the week is evenly spaced evenly. A closed magnetic circuit is formed between the yokes, the magnetic poles, the gaps, and the workpieces (ignoring the magnetic flux leakage between the poles). From the circuit theory, the pulse magnetization is through the storage capacitor bank C stored on the charge (set the voltage U), in a short time td on the inductor coil L discharge, the formation of high-intensity pulse current im, resulting in strong pulsed magnetic field. A magnet in the magnetization process on the need for two magnetization, the first time, the magnetic ring need to identify the corresponding magnetic pole magnetic pole, the second time to magnetize the magnetic ring. This is the production of the entire product. Do not understand the details of the friends may feel very simple. , In fact, it is not easy to do

In the second half of 2008, a customer of Fujian trading company, Miss Chen, let us plant an 8-poles Diameterically magnetized ferrite ring. When we deliver the sample from the beginning to the end, we send the information to the other party. Is the magnetic pole is wrong, foreign guests want to be 16 magnetizes - all work in vain, just when she was in communication with the guests when a mistake. Hope that we can understand the characteristics of this type of product, but also sincerely welcome all new and old customers have the opportunity to come to my praise magnet steel factory inspection guidance, common learning, a total of development plans!

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