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What is the difference between Magnetization M and J

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Modern magnetism studies show that all 'magnetic phenomena originate from current. Magnetic material is no exception, the ferromagnetic phenomenon is originated in the magnets material outside the nuclear electrons outside the formation of micro-current movement, also known as molecular current. The collection effect of these micro currents allows the material to exhibit various macroscopic magnetic properties. Because each micro-current produces a magnetic effect, so a unit of micro-electric as a magnetic dipole.

  Define the maximum force per unit of external magnetic field on a magnetic dipole in vacuum. The magnetic sum of the magnetic dipole moments in the volume per unit of material is the magnetic dip intensity. The unit is T Sla, in the CGS unit system, J units for the Gs, 1T = 104GS)

The magnetic moment of a magnetic dipole is defined as pm / μo, μo is the straight magnetic permeability, the vector sum of the magnetic moment in the volume per unit of material is the magnetization M, the SI unit is A / m, the CGS unit is Gs ( Gaussian).

M and] is: J = μoM, in the CGS unit system, μo = 1, so the magnetic polarization intensity and the magnetization value of the same value; in the SI unit system. Μo = 4π × 10-7H / m (Hang / Meter).

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