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China Permanent Magnet Motor for Aircraft by AOMag

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Permanent Magnets are widely used in Motor for aircraft.

Rare earth permanent magnet brushless DC motor

Because of unique advantages of permanent magnet brushless DC motor , its application on the plane is accelerating. The function and performance are moving to higher level.

Permanent Magnet Limited Angle Torque Motor

The motor can ​​directly drive and make motion and accurate positioning in quick way. Its characteristics are: to contribute in a limited angle large, fast, high positioning accuracy, high reliability, small response, light weight. With the motor as the core, can be composed of a special high-precision, high reliability position servo system 

Permanent Magnet Brushed DC Motor

Brush DC motor is still the most widely used on the plane in China.

Permanent Magnet Linear Motor

Can’t meet the requirements of aircraft quickly actuation valve high reliability, high frequency response and a direct-drive performance

Permanent Magnet Generator

45 ~ 150kVA onboard power system is with a large capacity of permanent magnet generator. In order to meet the growing high quality standard requirements, an adaptive composite rare earth permanent magnet generator excitation is by domestic concerns. The permanent magnet generator own fusion of the characteristics of the permanent magnet and the electrical excitation, with high efficiency and good voltage self-tuning capabilities.

Permanent Magnet Doubly Salient Motor

Implanted permanent magnet on stator or rotor, the output torque is morelarger and with high reliability and fault tolerance, thus demonstrating good prospects in the field of aviation.

Any type of permanent magnet for aircraft requires excellent Permanent magnet, magnetic properties, high working temperature, coercive force, dimensions, and tolerances and so on.

Currently, samarium cobalt and neodymium iron boron magnets are used more, samarium cobalt magnets can meet the needs of high temperature; NdFeB magnetic force is very strong for smaller size magnet.

Fuzhou AO Magnet Electronic co.,ltd. have been producing permanent magnets for motor for years. Purchasing Custom Magnets at AOMag, Contact us Now!

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