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China Magnetic Coupling

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A magnetic coupling is a device that is capable of transmitting force through space without physical contact. Attractive and repulsive magnetic forces are harnessed to perform work in either a linear or rotary fashion. In its simplest form, a magnetic coupling is comprised of two components: a driver and a follower. AOMag manufactures kinds of rare earth magnet for Magnetic Coupling. Magnetic Coupling is recommended for applications where the treated liquid must not contact with the external environment or when the external environment should not contact with the fluid, to eliminate the problems of leakage and possible loss.
Magnetic coupling also is allowed user not to transmit vibration and axial and radial loads use.

Stability and super adaptability working in bad environment and maintenance-free performance make users prefer to choose Magnetic coupling. Compared with inverter, Magnetic Coupling is able to eliminate the harmonic interference of motor and improve work efficiency; In addition, Magnetic Coupling can eliminate vibration transmission between the motor and the load, and is featured with low maintenance and repair costs; magnetic coupling drive system can effectively extend the main components’ life , such as bearings, seals, etc. 


Application of Magnetic Coupling
permanent magnetic couplers are used in a variety of different types of fans, pumps, material conveyor, bucket elevator, ball mill, winches, crushers, mixers, straight cutter machines and other mechanical equipments.

1. Water Industry or wastewater treatment
2. Oil and natural gas
3. power and thermal power
4. central air cooling and heating
5. Paper and pulp
6. Agricultural irrigation
7. Coal, cement
8. Metallurgy
9. Chemical
10. Ships and warships



Magnetic Coupling

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