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China Education magnets manufacturer

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AOMag Certified by ISO 9001:2008 produce the magnets for education, the technology magnet which are teaching experiments, demonstration teaching tool for school. It can also be used for student stationery, children toys,make real changes in the students with an intuitive feel of the magnetic field.Thus schoolchildren and children in understanding and awareness of the magnetic field has a lot of help with the promotion. Magnetic fields on the human body hurt, kids can take advantage of the magnet N; S pole and sex repulsion Earth's magnetic field, the principle of opposites attract, the magnets make a compass. To fully mobilize and explore the child's creative potential, to develop hard thinking and willing to delve into the inertia of good learning attitude.

Education Magnet china

Shapes of Education magnets

Education Magnet china

1.Guide the North & South

Magnets with absorption is because each magnet has two different magnetic poles, called a cathode, the other is called the cathode. 
Earth is also a natural human habitation large magnet, the north and south ends of the earth have different poles, the Earth's .
magneticnorth pole is negative, the positive pole of the Earth Antarctica. According to the same magnetic poles repel phase, phase.
principle opposite poles attract, you can get a free rotation of the needle, regardless of what the Earth stood, it always refers .
to the North cathode, anode always guide.

Education Magnet china

2.Adsorb scrap iron

The magnet adsorb scrap iron is based on the character of magnets.If the atomic magnetic magnetization current.
explanation is that other objects magnetizing current is generated to produce objects interact to produce.
electric power electric field effect by the characteristics of the magnet attracts iron magnet decision.

Education Magnet china

3.Like poles repel, heteropolar attraction

Education Magnet china

Science and Technology of magnet

Problem:How does a magnetic field affect a current-carrying wire?


  • Strong horseshoe magnet
  • Long insulated wire
  • Wire stripper
  • D battery
  • Electrical tape

  • Procedure1.Strip 1 inch of insulation from each side of the wire.

    2.Place the horseshoe magnet on its side on a flat surface.

    3.Use a small piece of electrical tape to tape the metal part of one end of the wire to the negative terminal of the battery.

    4.Pass the wire between the legs of the horseshoe magnet.

    5.Holding the insulated part of the wire, touch the open end of the wire to the positive terminal of the battery. Which direction is 

    the electric current flowing? Why should you hold the wire insulation instead of the metal? Record your observations.

    Education Magnet china

    6.Flipthe magnet over and repeat the experiment. What changes, if anything? Record your observations.


    The wire will bend away from the poles of the magnet.


    Electric currents always produce their own magnetic fields. The behavior and current can always be described by the right-hand rule. 

    If you make the “thumbs-up” sign with your hand like this:


    Education Magnet china

    The current will flow in the direction the thumb is pointing, and the magnetic field direction will be described by the direction of the fingers.

    This means when you change the direction of the current, you also change the direction of the magnetic field. Current flows from the negative end of a battery, through the wire, to the positive end of the battery. This can help you determine what the direction of the magnetic field will be.Magnets, like the horseshoe magnet used in this exercise, have two poles, south and north. The phrase “opposites attract” applies to magnets; therefore north-south interactions stick together, and north-north and south-south interactions repel, or push away from each other. Because the magnetic field created by the electric current in the wire is changing directions around the wire, it will repel both poles of the magnet by bending away from the wire. Depending on which pole is up (a mark on your magnet might tell you which is north or south), the wire will bend away from the magnet or farther into the “U.”

    .Please feel free to contact us about education magnets, if you have any inquires.

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