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Cheap Block neodymium Magnets Manufacturer China

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Block Neodymium Magnets are Widely used in Magnetic Separator, relay, switch ,other industry and actual daily life! The following items are the relative products of the NdFeB Block Magnets, you can quickly find the NdFeB Block Magnets through the list.The magnets are shaped into block-type, like square, rectangular,cubic, bar, etc. The shapes are regular with length, width, height (or thickness), etc. 

Block magnets can magnetized through every surfaces ! Most have north and south poles on the two largest surfaces.
Neodymium bar magnet

Block neodymium

Block magnet

Block Neodymium magnets

rectangular magnets

If you are looking for a rectangular magnets, you may supply sizes information Length, Width, Height(Thickness) . For example:If you are looking for 50*50*12.5 block magnets. You may send inquiry: Size: L(50)*W(50)*H(12.5) OR L*W*H=50*50*12.5

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