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Arc Segment Magnets for DC Motors

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This Arc segment magnet, which was produced for a customer in India,is for dc motor. Magnetic tile mainly used in permanent magnet DC motor, electromagnetic motor produces different magnetic potential source through the excitation coil, a permanent magnet motor is a permanent magnet to generate a constant magnetic potential sources. Tile instead of permanent magnet excitation power has many advantages, can make simple motor structure, easy maintenance, light weight, small size, reliable, use less copper, low copper consumption, energy consumption and small.
Effect of magnetic-watt motor Performance
(1) a high residual magnetic flux density Br. Because the surface area at the same pole gap, Br high to produce a large output torque and high power. The motor will have a higher efficiency.
(2) high Hcb. Because Hcb high to ensure that the motor output force required, the motor operating point close to the maximum energy product, make full use of the capacity of the magnet.
(3) high Hcj. Hcj high can ensure that the motor has a strong resistance to overload demagnetization and aging, resistance to low temperature.
(4) high (BH) max. (BH) max higher scores indicating better permanent ferrite motor duty factor in the actual operation.
(5) The magnetic energy Φ bigger the better, which will greatly improve the efficiency of the motor.
(6) Squareness of the demagnetization curve, the better, the smaller the dynamic losses of the motor.
(7) Ferrite The higher the resistivity, the smaller the eddy current losses.
(8) Ferrite temperature coefficient is small, at high temperatures it has a good temperature stability
(9) The starting current, low time constant. The impact of the power of small.

Aomag produce arc magnets for motor for years, Please feel free to contact us if need any help on motor magnets.

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