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Accelerate the integration of rare earth industry

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"Rare earth magnet is a resource-based industry, from the perspective of long-term interests as well as national control of resources, the necessary restructuring and integration is beneficial." Zhou released indicates.

For the rare earth industry consolidation, under the Ministry of Land Resources recently issued a "total 2015 annual rare earth mining tungsten ore control notification indicators" revealed that China Minmetals Group, China Aluminum Corporation, Baotou Iron and Steel (Group), Xiamen Tungsten Shares, Ganzhou Rare Earth Group, Guangdong Rare Earth Industry Group and six Rare Earth Group integration and restructuring program has been approved by the relevant departments for the record, a separate index in the provinces in the total index.

In fact, last year China Rare Earth Group of Six has been set up to get the Ministry of Industry approved, officially changed its name to the North Baotou Rare Earth Rare Earth; In addition, China Aluminum Group, China Minmetals, Guangdong rare earths, China Southern Rare Earth, Rare Earth and other large Xiamen Tungsten the group also has begun integration.

Su Bo, vice minister of Ministry earlier this year said that China Minmetals Rare Earth Group and other six will integrate all the country's mining and smelting of rare earth separating enterprises before the end of 2015, to achieve a substantial reorganization of assets as the link. Su Bo said, according to the State Council's requirements, in conjunction with the Ministry of Land and Resources, the SASAC and other departments held a special meeting to deploy, issued a "large rare earth enterprises Group was established Guidelines", in two batches filing the Aluminum Company, north China's rare earth, Xiamen Tungsten and China Minmetals, Guangdong rare earths, China Southern Rare Earth Rare Earth six large group formation program. Rare Earth Group to expedite the completion of the six substantive reorganization, will help standardize the market order, enhance innovation capabilities, the introduction of advanced technology and high-end talent, accelerate the development of high-end applications industry, thereby fostering core competitiveness of China's rare earth.

Sealand Securities believes that for a long time, the Chinese government has been the earth as a core strategic resources for the protection and development. Control pricing of rare earth, not only of great economic value, but also of strategic significance both political and diplomatic. Currently, six rare earth group integration model, while making the rare earths market starting from chaos to order, but the competition between them is objectively weakened the control of rare execution and pricing. From the integration process, the six Rare Earth Group has initially completed the collection of rare earth mining licenses in the first year of production index accounted for more than 95% of the share. Six Rare Earth Group integration and restructuring plan after the approval of relevant departments for the record, will accelerate the production of rare earth in your area can integration process. Future, further integration into a super group of six rare earth magnets group is the best mode of the healthy development of rare earth industry.

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