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Magnetic Buckyballs - ONLY FOR WHO LOVE Neocube Ball Puzlle Toys

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Noecube Buckyballs Produced by AO Magnet - composed by 216 strong neodymium magnet beads, is a great Stress Relief Desktop Toys and famous around the worlds
Neoballs are professional sculpture neodymium magnet spheres. 5mm diameter, n35 grade, with colorful Polymer coatings and precise Electroplate coatings. Our goal is to provide you great quality magnet spheres, at extremely aggressive prices only $25 free shipping right now, with minimal fluff. High powered magnets are not toys.Due to the mutual attraction between the mini magnet poles, Bucky balls small magnets cube can be combined in to any geometry freely. Your creation can control buckyballs building toy & merge in to 216 creation fields. You will come up with limitless shapes with no name, since you are the first person to create them. This also means that your creation is with a ridiculous reply value. Basically, you will seldom feel bored since you can create everything. It's amazing to surprise you by your own imagination. You can createe any shape by your own idea. This is unparalleled. This is what buckyballs can bring to you.

Educational Meaning:

You can improve your intuitive perception of geometry and mathematics simply via the bucky balls construction toy. buckyballs toy can be used as an educational toy and combined with Textbook, which make it better for you to understand of geometry in both theoretical and practical aspect. Because Geometry requires a strong spatial imagination, buckyballs educational toys as a teaching tool can improve the geometrical subjects effectively.

Effectively stimulate the left and right brain:

The Magnetic buckyballs is indeed an cool magnetic building intellectual toy. Compared to the other types of Intelligence toys, Buckyballs magnetic Balls building toys can simulate your brain, both left and right side, so you can benefit more from it. Each side brain controls the different function and Cognitive function of the body. The left brain is responsible for logical reasoning, mathematics and language; meanwhile, it also controls the muscles of the right half human body. The right brain controls spatial imagination, creativity, facial appearance and visual recognition capabilities; meanwhile, it also controls the right part of the body. When playing the bucky balls magnetic construction toys, you have to use not only the space imagination and creativity, but also your logical thinking ability, and even mathematical knowledge, making it possible to exercise both side of the brain.

Alleviate Tension

The best perk of your Neodymium buckyballs is the capability to relieve stress. The buckyballs effectiveness to alleviate stress is essential to its design, individual magnetic balls form your buckyballs and gives it a design unlike any other Like other stress relief tools, your buckyballs can be molded, shaped, twisted, contorted, and crushed to ease stress and soothe mood buckyballs is unique from other stress relief tools because you can demolish the buckyballs and put it back together effortlessly. Magnetic buckyballs exceeds at stress relief with its exclusive tangible feeling only buckyballs can offer. Similar to an endless piece of bubble wrap the buckyballs makes a calming ? as you shape it .The dynamic magnetic balls of the buckyballs can be used productively to alleviate stress. Many admit that magnets can be useful to health .The most calming attribute of the buckyballs is when it forms. Your buckyballs has infinite solutions that you can create. A sense of achievement comes with inventing anything of artistry and fascination . With buckyballs you can mold infinite arrangements of shapes that you will love to flaunt, and create plenty of patterns that are unique, and have never even been seen before! Get Neocube balls at $25 free shipping Now!

Note: Keep away from all children!!

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