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Some Tips For Finding a Good Permanetn Magnet China Supplier

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If you are looking for a credible and reputable permanent magnets supplier. here are some 10 tips to help you distinguish between a good supplier and one that shouldn’t be in business. 

1.Educate yourself about magnets.

The best consumer is an informed one. Learning what makes a strong magnet will teach you what to look for in a magnetic product and to distinguish between tools with high quality magnets and those with low quality magnets. You’ll also get an idea of what questions to ask a potential supplier who claims to have the best Chinese magnetic tools.

2.Seek veteran suppliers.

Buy only from suppliers who have an extensive knowledge about magnets and many years–preferably 10 or more–of experience in the industry. Veteran suppliers possess years of client and customer service experience and are more have an understanding of customer mindsets, quirks and expectations. They know how important customer satisfaction is to the success of a business, which virtually guarantees little or no worries about getting your order done right the first time.

3.Do a background check.

You should conduct a background check to verify the supplier’s credentials, experience and business reputation–even if it’s a veteran supplier. He should have an official website where you can find information about his business. If not, cross them off your list of potential suppliers.

4.Choose suppliers who provide OEM service.

If establishing your own brand is the objective, you want a supplier who provides OEM service so you can have a logo placed on your Chinese magnetic products. Logos increase brand awareness and exposure for your product, which can result in increased profits and customers.

5.Check stock availability.

Your supplier should have a wide variety and huge stock of Chinese magnetic products, especially if you plan to run a small business. The supplier should also have adequate stock in-house to meet immediate needs and accept small orders when necessary.

6.Conduct a thorough product analysis.

Good quality attracts customers, good quality keeps them, and good quality builds your customer base with referrals. Thoroughly analyze the quality of the supplier’s magnetic products to ensure they are original designed products.  Exercising proper quality assurance is a vital to the success of your Chinese magnet business. Ensuring that your Chinese magnetic tools such as your magnetic bases, magnetic blocks and magnetic hooks are of the highest quality is a crucial first step toward establishing trust with your customers.

7.Only deal with prompt and responsive suppliers.

Late orders and slow response to questions regarding your orders can cost you time, money and customers. Your supplier should be able to guarantee prompt processing and delivery of all orders, as well timely notification of issues that arise such as back-orders, out-of-stock items or delays in order processing or delivery. 

8.Ask for product samples.

Ask for samples of Chinese magnetic tools that you can examine for quality and use for market research on targeted customer demographics to gauge interest in particular magnetic tools and determine which ones to order in bulk. 

9.Choose suppliers who share knowledge about product and marketing trends.

If you choose the right one, your supplier can be a good source of information on the newest magnetic tools on the market and customer buying trends. Your supplier can also give you tips on attracting certain customers towards certain magnetic tools, as well as information about magnets that will help make you an authority. Customers tend to buy more readily from sellers with expertise with their product.

10.Choose a supplier who keeps the lines of communication open.

A supplier that is slow to respond or never returns a phone call or email will derail the success of your magnets manufacturer business. So will a supplier who doesn’t clearly communicate terms and conditions and who doesn’t adequately address questions or concerns. You need a supplier who will keep you updated on every new product that comes in, as well as products that are running low or are out of stock and the status on their anticipated availability.

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