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Magnets in Motors

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Power machinery and equipment, which consists of turbines, steam turbines, diesel or other power-driven machinery, water, air, fuel combustion or nuclear fission to generate energy to mechanical energy is transmitted to the generator, and then converted by a generator into electricity. Have wide use in industrial and agricultural production, national defense, science and technology and everyday life. Generator formed a lot, but it's working principle is based on the law of electromagnetic induction and electromagnetic force of the law. Therefore, their structure general principle is: with a suitable magnetic and conductive materials from each other by the electromagnetic induction through the magnetic circuit and the circuit to generate the electromagnetic force, in order to achieve the purpose of energy conversion. Classification Generator may be summarized as follows: Generator {DC generators, alternators {synchronous generators, asynchronous generator (seldom used) Generators can be divided into single-phase and three-phase generator generator.

Usually consists of a generator stator, rotor, end caps and bearings and other components. Other fixed structures stator consists of a stator core, winding line package, consisting of a frame, and these parts. Rotor from the rotor core (or poles, racks) winding, retaining ring, center ring, slip ring, fan and shaft and other components. And cover the generator stator and rotor assembly connected together through the bearing, so that the rotor in the stator can rotate, doing sports cutting magnetic field lines, generating an electromotive force leads through the terminal, and then in the cycle, they generate an electric current. China servo motor, also known as performing motor, automatic control system for the actuator to convert axis angular velocity signal received from or angular displacement of the motor output. DC and AC servo motors are divided into two categories, its main feature is that when the signal voltage is zero, there is no rotation of the phenomenon, to improve the speed and torque down evenly inside the servo motor is a permanent magnet rotor, drive control U / V / Wˉˉ phase power electromagnetic field is formed, under the action of the rotor by a magnetic field, according to the driver and the feedback value of the target, compared to the rotation adjustment, and the motor comes encoder feedback signal to drive the rotation angle of the rotor . The accuracy depends on the servo motor encoder resolution (number of rows).

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